Prime Minister plans recovery in the face of sobering economic reality

The Government’s policy frameworks will all need to be reconsidered on the other side to get the economy back on track the Prime Minister said following yesterday’s National Cabinet meeting. 

 “It will be a different world on the other side of the virus and there’ll be many challenges,” Mr Morrison said.

“The National Cabinet has a very good appreciation of this and there has been some talk about its role on the other side of the virus.”

The National Cabinet thanked Australians for staying home where possible over the Easter long weekend and stressed the critical importance of continuing to adhere to self-isolation, social distancing and quarantine arrangements.

Based on advice from the Chief Medical Officer the National Cabinet agreed that Australia will continue to progress the successful suppression/elimination strategy for the virus.

New modelling has confirmed that measures have largely been successful in slowing and reversing the growth of cases, ensuring Australia’s health system has the capability to manage the epidemic.

The National Cabinet statement says that Australia is now in the suppression phase of the response.

Accordingly, they have now agreed to a framework to plan next steps including conditions for relaxation.

“Any changes to the current measures must be underpinned by a strengthened public health response,” the statement says. 

National Cabinet agreed to baseline measures remaining in place for the next four weeks. 

The Prime Minister said the National Cabinet’s agenda will include the types of policy measures and support to see businesses grow on the other side.

“Cooperation at a federal and a state level will be very important, and there’ll be a sense of urgency and, I think, of shared purpose on that front across the National Cabinet,” Mr Morrison said. 
“We really do need to prepare ourselves as a country for some very sobering news on the economic front in the months ahead.

“That’s why it’s so important that as a National Cabinet that the Australian public understand that we are working on that road out,” Mr Morrison added.

“We are working on that road ahead and that recovery piece that will see people getting back into work and Australia getting through this and to the other side.”

Link to National Cabinet media release:

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