Victorian Stage 4 Restrictions

Firstly, I wish to extend my thoughts and well wishes to our Victorian members.

The restrictions imposed from 6pm last night and a declared State of Disaster by the Premier will impact all Victorians.

If you missed Premier Andrews’ statement it can be found here:

Stage 4 restrictions can be accessed here:

We know that many of you will have anxiety about the announcements and further changes today.

HVIA first wrote to the Premier 18 days ago, warning that the New Zealand model was costly for our members. We’ve reiterated these messages this morning here.

We also provided advice on how our members have remained COVID-free and the seriousness of which the industry had treated the pandemic and provided a list of examples on the control measures in place.

At that time and increasingly since, we have been using every available channel to impress the importance of our Victorian members to the national freight supply chain.

We have advocated strongly but the truth is the Premier will ultimately make a decision today based upon the advice of his Chief Medical Officer.

We reiterate, it is absolutely vital to ensure that staff are working from home where this is practicable and we want to ensure you are supported by reinforcing to your staff a zero tolerance approach to stay at home if sick or if symptoms are present.

There is information about the $300 COVID-19 Test Isolation Payment for workers who need to self-isolate after receiving a COVID-19 test here:

There is also information about the one-off $1500 payment for any worker that tests positive to COVID-19 here, it is called the Worker Support Payment.

Todd Hacking
HVIA Chief Executive

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