The path out

The Prime Minister has outlined the 7 steps that the National Cabinet had agreed in relation to any relaxation of the current status. These are:

  1. Situational awareness of current measures and their impact – sophisticated surveillance of disease incidence and spread, health system status, public health capabilities, stocks of material and community adherence to public health measures.
  2. Finalised surveillance plan – enabled with adequate resources.
  3. A better understanding of the implications of the modelling and a better understanding of the characteristics and transmission of the virus.
  4. Complete maturation of public health capacity – including capacity to conduct testing more broadly; and public health workforce and technology for contact tracing, data collection and analysis.
  5. Advanced technology for contact tracing – the role of a mobile phone application should be wholly explored, as it could be a valuable tool in contact tracing if numbers increase and the application is widely taken up. This would act to complement and augment our current public health contact tracing strategies and enable scale-back strategies.
  6. Assurance of adequate health system capacity – should control measures fail, there must be assurance that the system will cope with any surge in cases, including the requirement for hospital beds, ventilators, PPE and ongoing workforce training.
  7. Assurance of supply lines for – PPE, pathology consumables, ventilators.

It is clear the high degree of vigilance and discipline being shown by all Australians is flattening the curve. However, the Chief Medical Officer and the National Cabinet are still warning that prematurely lifting the barriers would backfire as has been the case internationally.

Clearly a great deal of attention is now being focused on recovery and when to look at reducing the measures currently in place.

The Prime Minister’s full statement can be found here.

As Governments consider the health implications, HVIA has been busy preparing the policy groundwork to represent our sector strongly in terms of the economic recovery we need, as we know that the market has softened considerably in recent times.

As such, there is a survey which I am seeking every HVIA member to fill out.

Please designate someone to complete it and ensure we get as much and as accurate information as possible to help us advocate on your behalf.

The reason for the survey is to seek to extend the Instant Asset Write Off stimulus measure post 30 June 2020 so this will be really important to get operators buying equipment again.

As always, HVIA is here to help and support you and please do not hesitate to get in touch at any time.

Thank you

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