Revised Dangerous Goods Tanker Standard released

On Thursday April 9th, Standards Australia released the long awaited revision to two important standards that are of interest to numerous HVIA members:

  • AS 2809.1: 2020 Road Tank Vehicles for Dangerous Goods – Part 1 : General Requirements for all Road Tank Vehicles.
  • AS 2809.2: 2020 Road Tank Vehicles for Dangerous Goods – Part 2: Road Tank Vehicles for Flammable Liquids.

These standards are referred to within the Australian Dangerous Goods Code, making them effectively legislated standards.

The review of these two standards was extensive, and has brought them up to date to existing industry best practice.

The standards have introduced some flexibility to the industry without compromising safety, by shifting towards a more performance based approach, and permitting the use of equivalent overseas (particularly European) standards to demonstrate compliance for certain design features.

Language and layout has been improved to clarify some grey areas in the previous version.

HVIA was a member of the Technical Committee formed to review these Standards, with some members participating in the Committee meetings and others providing significant feedback.

We wish to thank those members who took the time to assist and provide comment during the review process over the last 18 months. Your assistance is highly valued.

The standards can be purchased by following one of the following links:

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