NTC calls for feedback on DG heavy vehicle and tank design

The National Transport Commission (NTC) is seeking feedback on heavy vehicle and tank design for dangerous goods (DG) transportation

Back in January this year, HVIA advised members of the NTC’s review of the Australian Dangerous Goods Code, and invited interested members to get involved.

The NTC’s review has progressed since then, and it has recently released two public Working Group Papers that may be of particular interest to members.

The papers focus on aligning the current requirements for vehicles, tanks and bulk containers published in the Agreement for the International Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road, with future versions of Australia’s Dangerous Goods Code.

The papers can be accessed via the below links:

Australian Dangerous Goods Code Review – Working Group Paper 7 – Vehicles for Dangerous Goods Transport

Australian Dangerous Goods Code Review – Working Group Paper 8 – Tanks and Bulk Containers for Dangerous Goods Transport

The NTC is seeking comments on these two papers up to September 22, 2023. Responses can be submitted directly to the NTC’s website.

For more information, contact Adam Ritzinger at a.ritzinger@hvia.asn.au.

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