NHVR To Release New National Network Map

A new tool from the NHVR aims to provide Australian transport operators with better visibility and improve fleet management decision-making

The NHVR has announced it will release a new National Network Map designed to provide a single central location to access information on approved routes for more than 1,000 heavy vehicle configurations across multiple jurisdictions.

From December 20, 2023 applicants will be able to see detailed information on the NHVR website which reflects the detailed information on the jurisdictional websites.

Previously, operators often needed to separately check individual jurisdictional websites to be confident about access on routes covering multiple jurisdictions.

NHVR claims the new network map will benefit industry by providing a single authoritative map to enable the heavy vehicle industry to route their journeys on approved networks across borders in one location (removing the need to go to multiple state websites).

Operators will have the ability to search by and view available networks for more than 1,000 heavy vehicle configurations, providing better visibility and fleet management decision making.

Additionally, the network maps will provide real-time changes to road networks to ensure availability of the most accurate network access information.

Applicants will be able to select the vehicle combination they need using filters and text searches and then access the detailed information on the available routes, including conditions on particular road segments, as well as updates for floods and other emergencies.

They will be able to save profiles; save particular searches to a favourites list; and use URLs to share information with drivers and partner organisations.

Initially, the information will be limited to notices but NHVR has indicated that it is planning future updates to integrate the maps into the portal which will then allow users to also view their existing permits.

NHVR has produced a fact sheet which is available here and will be running webinars out until December 19. Details of the webinars are available here.

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