NHVR rejects call for VSB6 implementation delay

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator has rejected HVIA’s calls for a delay to the implementation of updates to Vehicle Standards Bulletin 6 (VSB6), scheduled to commence on 1st July.

HVIA members have warned of specific issues which are likely to create backlogs of approvals, with potentially devastating flow-on effects to industry.

The specific issues are in relation to Section J of VSB6, which covers the minimum design and performance requirements for the installation of a body onto a vehicle chassis.

HVIA Chief Technical Officer Adam Ritzinger has been working extensively to support affected members since the NHVR first published the updates in April this year.

Last week Adam facilitated an online forum for HVIA members and representatives from each of Australia’s state road authorities in anticipation of the looming implementation date.

“Our members outlined issues with the update’s complexity, capacity to meet demand and administrative issues that are still to be addressed,” Adam said.

“We don’t believe that there are sufficient approved signatories in every state to cover the expected demand.

“Reporting requirements require more clarity and mutual agreement between states needs to be in place.

“There are also various other administrative items that also need to be closed out before the implementation can be successfully achieved.

“We collated those issues and explained them and the implications to the NHVR; we strongly recommended that the implementation date be officially delayed by a minimum of three months, such that those issues can be resolved.

“Regrettably, the NHVR has opted not to delay and is instead requesting that all concerned individuals and organisations apply directly to the NHVR to seek an extension.”

Adam said that the NHVR’s approach places an unnecessary administrative burden on both parties.

“It is clear that this will not be a smooth implementation; we consider delaying it by at least three months to be the sensible approach,” he said.

HVIA understands that the NHVR will publish new advice on their website this week regarding the process for requesting extensions.

For more information, please contact Adam Ritzinger – a.ritzinger@hvia.asn.au

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