NHVR discusses online systems developments

HVIA’s Chief Technical Officer, Adam Ritzinger recently caught up with John Barry, NHVR’s Digital Products Manager, to discuss how developments to the NHVR’s online portal will assist the transport industry.

John explained that the NHVR is continuing to invest in the NHVR Portal as a single-entry point for the heavy vehicle industry to access a broad range of regulatory services digitally.

In 2023, this means delivering new services focussed on heavy vehicle access, as well as new services for Performance Based Standards (PBS).

In relation to PBS specifically, the NHVR has developed a digital form for Design Approvals (DAs), which will go live in 2023.

A similar digital form for Vehicle Approvals (VAs) is currently in development. Both forms feature digital capture capabilities, which allow automated assessment of both the DA and the VA.

Vehicle manufacturers and road managers will also have direct access to the Portal, to further improve data capture and access decisions, respectively.

In relation to heavy vehicle access in general, the NHVR is working with state and territory road managers to deliver a single national map for industry by the end of 2023.

Alongside ongoing efforts to migrate state/territory maps, the Portal will streamline the process for operators to understand which network maps apply to their vehicles by automatically identifying the notices applicable to their vehicle, and the associated network maps.

Adam congratulated John and his team for their efforts in continually improving the online systems available to industry.

Streamlining and automating processes were two themes in particular that received strong support from HVIA’s members when consulted on the NHVR’s PBS 2.0 Discussion Paper earlier this year.

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