NHVR publishes VSB6 v 3.2 and commencement date

As most members will be aware, over the past few years HVIA and its members have been working with the NHVR to update the National Code of Practice for Heavy Vehicle Modifications (VSB6).

The changes to this version of VSB6 include new information on tipper body design, tow truck design and box or top hat chassis section modifications, plus updates to existing codes with new diagrams to address issues identified in previous VSB6 versions.

The work on finalising the changes to the code was completed in 2022 but the commencement date has been under negotiation between the NHVR and the States.

The NHVR has now published version 3.2 and announced a commencement date of 1st July 2023 for the new version of the code.

Members using VSB6 should familiarise themselves with the changes to the code and any changes to Approved Vehicle Examiners (AVE) eligibility to sign of modifications which will result from the changes.

Members who are not familiar with the proposed changes to the tipper and tow truck codes are welcome to contact  Greg Forbes and Adam Ritzinger with any feedback or questions.

For more information and to download VSB6 Version 3.2 visit www.nhvr.gov.au/vsb6

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