HVIA’s new tyre working group kicks off

Last Thursday, HVIA held the kick off meeting for the new Tyre Working Group. Just over 25 members participated in the webinar to discuss the background and scope of what the group intends to achieve.

The group was formed to continue the important work that ARTSA had begun prior to ARTSA and HVIA signing their MoU earlier this year.

HVIA Chief Technical Officer Paul Caus outlined some of the work ARTSA has done in the past, to begin preparation of an industry tyre guide directed at heavy vehicle users.

“The intent of the tyre guide is to better inform industry on efficiently and safely managing the lifecycle of tyres,” Mr Caus said.

“The guide would incorporate advice on tyre and rim selection,  condition monitoring,  maintenance and the types of technologies available to improve safety and productivity.”

The group workshopped the guide’s content, adding fresh perspective from members not previously involved in the ARTSA working group.

“I was chuffed with the level of active interest from members in participating in the webinar and intend being involved on an ongoing basis within the tyre group,” Mr Caus added.

“Participants represented a broad cross-section of members from across the industry: tyre manufactures and tyre related component suppliers of course, but pleasingly, also truck OEM’s, wheel alignment equipment suppliers, engineering consultants and trailer manufacturers.

“It is clear that safe and efficient management of tyres on a vehicle is a very important issue to our members, and through the proposed tyre guide, HVIA will promote and inform operators of best practice tyre management for safe and more efficient operations.” he said.

A follow-up webinar session will take place within the next fortnight, once ideas from the previous meeting are collated and distributed to the tyre working group for further comment.

If you would like to be involved or simply wish to be informed of the group’s activities, contact our CTO, Paul Caus via email p.caus@hvias.asn.au.     

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