Key Appointment Boosts HVIA’s Advocacy Firepower

Proven performer to focus initially on developing priorities to support transition to zero emission vehicles

This week HVIA has announced a new addition to the team with Dr Adele Lausberg joining as our new Chief Advocacy Officer.

Adele will be working with HVIA members to develop proactive policy positions to support the industry and will then set about affecting change by influencing government decision makers and stakeholders.

She will work alongside Greg Forbes and Chief Technical Officer Adam Ritzinger and will initially focus on developing a set of priorities to support the transition to zero emission vehicles, Australian manufacturing sovereignty and workforce development.

“Adele is a proven performer for membership associations having previously worked with the Property Council of Australia, Tourism Accommodation Australia and the Australian Medical Association,” Todd Hacking, HVIA’s Chief Executive Officer, says.

“She particularly relishes when given the chance to engage members, develop a common position and then articulate the importance of that vision to decision makers. Her PhD thesis was based around the decision-making structures and processes within the Federal Parliament.

“There is no shortage of issues facing the heavy vehicle industry, and to have a policy professional of Adele’s calibre is a boon for HVIA and the broader industry.”

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