Invaluable BTS23 HHTS Partnership outcomes

HVIA partnered with Healthy Heads in Trucks and Sheds as the Official Charity Partner of the 2023 Brisbane Truck Show, and utilised every opportunity to promote positive messaging around mental health and well-being.

The first of those was a “tools down” morning tea for all exhibitors and contractors involved in the build of the event. HHTS’s Lachlan Spencer spoke to attendees, and feedback tells us his words and timing made an immeasurable difference to attendees.

Healthy Heads Chairman Paul Graham spoke at the BP Opening Breakfast. His insightful words gave context to why so many good industry leaders have thrown their weight behind the organisation.

He also explained HHTS vital rest area strategy, setting a new bar for what constitutes a rest area.

That was followed by a live auction of framed prints from The Drone Way raising $2,000, with all proceeds going directly to HHTS.

The hugely successful Rock on Riverside concerts attracted over 3,000 people. They provided a great platform to inform the broader community about the importance of our industry’s work to recognise and combat mental health issues.

A variety of videos and audio messages were played on the big screens during breaks in the show. Attendees to the free events were invited to make donations to HHTS with over $10,000 contributed.

HHTS also had a large and prominent footprint in the BTS exhibition and in the BTS23 Official Program.

We hope that building awareness of the issues and this great industry initiative will make a tangible difference to the well-being of the transport industry and every individual within it.

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