HVIA works with NHVR to fix tow truck compliance issues

Regulator investigating incident where operator issued with non-compliance notice due to towing vehicle and car exceeding the maximum overall length and rear overhang limit

The NHVR says it is investigating a recent incident where a member was issued with a roadside notice due to the combination of a towing vehicle and its load (a car being towed) exceeding the maximum overall length and rear overhang limit that apply to rigid vehicles under the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL).

The incident occurred in late July during a roadside stop in Victoria. It was reported to HVIA that the national tow truck operator had received the notice from an NHVR officer during the roadside stop. The operator was driving a tilt-tray tow truck that was towing a car via its rear-mounted wheel lift.

HVIA understands the operator was issued the notice due to the combination of the towing vehicle and its load (the car being towed) exceeding the maximum length limit of 12.5 metres, and the rear overhang limit.

Naturally, that outcome sparked alarm amongst operators, suppliers, and vehicle body builders, for whom the construction and use of such vehicles has been commonplace for decades and referenced in various long-standing national regulations and standards.

In response, HVIA immediately engaged with the NHVR to understand the compliance issue and seek a resolution.

The NHVR says it will take time to conduct a thorough investigation and encouragingly, is seeking to get to a workable outcome. The NHVR has identified several potential pathways and is working through those with the technical support of the HVIA and its member organisations.

Importantly, HVIA has strongly advocated for no further compliance actions for these vehicles in the interim.

For further information or to pass on additional information related to this topic, contact Adam Ritzinger at a.ritzinger@hvia.asn.au, or 0437 901 669.

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