HVIA supports members navigating exit of 3G

HVIA has been working with members involved in vehicle telematics, communications and data ahead of the Australia-wide 3G network shutdown in mid-2024.

The changes were addressed in detail during the “What’s new in telematics” seminars co-presented by HVIA and Transport Certification Australia at the Brisbane Truck Show in May.

Whilst HVIA members are well aware of the issue and its potential impacts, the HVIA leadership team jointly decided to be proactive and seek opportunities to provide members with additional support.

The special meeting yielded valuable outcomes for all, and HVIA has a plan for actions over the coming months to support members and the wider industry in general to understand and manage the changes.

More information on the upcoming shutdown is available on the Telstra and Optus websites via the links below:

For more information on HVIA’s plan, please contact HVIA Chief Technical Officer Adam Ritzinger – a.ritzinger@hvia.asn.au

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