HVIA offers further support for members impacted by the VSB6 changes

In April this year, the NHVR published updates to Vehicle Standards Bulletin 6 (VSB6) and announced a commencement date of 1st July 2023.

Since the release, HVIA has worked extensively to support affected members, listened to feedback and advocated for various improvements and changes to the Vehicle Standards team at the NHVR.

As part of that advocacy and support, on Thursday 15th June at 2:00 pm (AEST), HVIA will hold a unique webinar for industry as a forum for any general/specific VSB6 implementation issues and questions that members have, before the implementation date of 1st July.

Examples of implementation issues and questions may include:

  • who is the correct contact within each state
  • what is the correct process for contacting them
  • how an AVE becomes approved regarding the new J4 code
  • how any extensions to the deadline (if approved) will be managed.

All of the state-based AVE scheme representatives within the jurisdictions have been consulted and expressed their support and willingness to attend the webinar.

If you would like to attend the webinar, please e-mail a.ritzinger@hvia.asn.au.

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