HVIA-LITE Skills & Training Working Group

The HVIA-LITE Skills & Training Working Group kicked off yesterday with a combination of HVIA members and representatives from registered training organisations looking to determine skills and training priorities to prepare the industry’s readiness to work with electric heavy vehicles.

HVIA has identified a need for training designed to equip existing workers with the skills to operate in an environment that includes electric vehicles. The Skills & Training Working Group will advise the HVIA LITE Steering Committee and on how to ensure a nationally consistent approach to zero emission vehicle skills and training.

The initial scope of work includes determining the key steps to develop, accredit and provide access to approved training for body builders. The skill requirements for a training course for body builders include workplace safety, electrical safety and best practice for body fitment and the fitment of common accessories such as tail lifts.

The HVIA team will engage state governments towards identifying and resolving the obstacles to achieve national consistency and validity of credentials between jurisdictions.

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