Bull bars for light vehicles under review

The current standard covering bull bars for light vehicles (AS 4876.1-2002) is being assessed to determine its future status.

The standard has not been reviewed for over 10 years, and as per usual practice, Standards Australia has reached out to industry to either withdraw the standard or begin the process of revision.

The standard covers:

  • Light vehicles only (specifically, MA, MB, MC and NA categories)
  • Geometric requirements, such as front projection, protrusions and conformity to vehicle shape.

It does not cover the bull bar’s compatibility with airbags or other frontal impact protection systems fitted as original equipment.

HVIA advises it members of this review given that a number of our members supply or provide services for light vehicles. 

Further, HVIA advises that the current favoured option of the some segments light vehicle industry and a number of regulators is to withdraw this standard.

It is believed that while this standard does offer good design advise, it is of limited value as a means of regulation under the present light vehicle market environment.   

If you wish to offer comment on whether to withdraw or review the standard, please contact our Chief Technical Officer, Paul Caus on 0437 901 669 or p.caus@hvia.asn.au.

Note that this standard is referred to in a number of state motor vehicle regulations, (e.g. NSW). If the decision is taken to withdraw this standard, it does not mean that the regulations referencing the standard ceases to have effect. The standard will still be available for purchase and can continue to be referred to in regulations and be a requirement to comply. Withdrawal indicates that that the standard will not be revised and is usually an indication that the standard is no longer relevant.

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