BTS23 deliver value for new National Road Safety Action Plan

The 2023-25 National Road Safety Action Plan has been released this week following sign-off from Federal and State transport ministers.

Key for the heavy vehicle industry is the Government’s agreed intent to implement legislation to mandate safety technologies.

HVIA Chief Executive Todd Hacking says the strategy rewards years of active campaigning from HVIA and its members.

“With this plan, the Government is taking important steps forward in ensuring that Australia’s heavy vehicle fleet adopts available technologies to improve safety outcomes for every member of the community,” Mr Hacking said.

“Whilst data consistently shows that the vast majority of fatalities involving heavy vehicles and other vehicles are caused by the other vehicle, every step that we can take to protect every road user is vital.

“That is why HVIA created our Safer Vehicle strategy five years ago; it is why we partnered with the NHVR for the heavy vehicle technology blueprint three years ago.

“It is why we place such a large emphasis on promoting newer safer vehicles at the Brisbane Truck Show, and why safety and innovation are core themes of all Australian Heavy Vehicle Industry Week events.

“The heavy vehicle industry is ahead of the game in most of these areas, and the safety technologies that form part of the new National Road Safety Action Plan are already standard on much of the fleet.

“What this does, however, is draw a clear line in the sand and ensures that no vehicle is left out when it comes to maximising their use of available technologies.

“Every driver who is taking to the road to deliver Australia’s enormous and growing freight task, deserves to get home safely at the end of each day.

“While much of the conversation these days is around the progress we are making in the transition towards a low-carbon future, we won’t allow that conversation to ignore driver well-being and safety, which in turn impacts every road user.”

Also in line with HVIA’s Safer vehicles policy, the strategy outlines actions including working with industry to promote adoption of heavy-vehicle-fleet purchasing policies encouraging inclusion of safety technologies.

“The industry’s largest customers are actively looking at their transport contracts to see how they can influence their carbon footprints,” Mr Hacking said.

“They are also looking at their roles in the chain of responsibility.

“Vehicle maintenance regimes, and driver training are fundamental components of getting those things right.

“But the latest vehicles tick all the boxes from the perspectives of safety, efficiency and productivity. It is a win for the operator, a win for their customer and a win for the broader community.”

The 2023-25 National Road Safety Action Plan aims to deliver new Australian Design Rules (ADR’s)  including:

  • Lane Departure Warning Systems for heavy vehicles
  • Reversing Detection Systems – cameras, sensors, and/or close-proximity rear-view mirrors – subject to United Nations developments for both light and heavy vehicles
  • Lane Keep Assist Systems for light vehicles (subject to international developments)
  • Acoustic Vehicle Alert System for electric vehicles
  • Driver drowsiness and inattention warning systems in both light and heavy vehicles – subject to international developments
  • Intelligent Speed Assistance for both light and heavy vehicles (subject to international developments)
  • Enhanced devices for indirect vision, blind spot information systems and side underrun protection systems on heavy vehicles (subject to international developments).

Download the National Road Safety Action Plan 2023-25 here:

For more information, visit

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