TIC Ministers Agree – Supply Chains Are Key

Following last night’s Transport & Infrastructure Council (TIC) meeting, HVIA has praised TIC Ministers for listening to industry to understand the full breadth of the heavy vehicle industry.

The council includes the Deputy Prime Minister in his capacity as Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development, the Transport Minister from each state and territory and the President of the Australian Local Government Association.

In their communique Ministers affirmed the critical role the freight sector plays in providing essential supplies of food, medicine or other goods:

Our freight and logistics sector starts at the border via our maritime and aviation routes.

We then use rail and trucks to move substantial quantities of goods throughout the country, from ports and airports to the doors of individuals, businesses, and service providers.

This includes recognition of the importance of all members of the freight distribution chain, from drivers, pilots, and engineers and others who support them, including those in the back-office working out rostering and logistics.

HVIA has joined the Australian Trucking Association (ATA) and its members to call for “freight and logistics and the services that support it to be regarded as essential, no matter what level of shutdown is imposed.”

This includes:

  • truck, trailer and logistics equipment repair and related operations, including emergency breakdown support
  • truck, trailer and logistics equipment production and sales
  • service stations and roadhouses, with driver access to toilets and showers
  • freight and logistics, including postal services and post office boxes
  • home delivery services.

Chief Executive Todd Hacking says HVIA continues strong advocacy, providing key advice to decision makers around the role of manufacturers, repairers, parts and component suppliers.

“Whilst the Government’s approach has been so far to list what is non-essential rather than define what is, this is the clearest signal from our nation’s decision-makers that they understand the importance of the entire freight supply chain,” Mr Hacking said.

“We are all dedicated to ensuring that our freight continues to help our communities in their hour of need.

“The freight task is huge and our transport operators are rising to the challenge; the industry must remain calm and patient.

“We need to ensure we are moving freight safely and we must ensure that regular scheduled maintenance continues.

“I know HVIA members are working around the clock to support our transport operators maintain a healthy fleet, both in terms of regular maintenance and emergency breakdown support.

“A truck broken down on the side of the road is no good to anyone in this situation.

“I also know there is anxiety in the industry; please continue to operate but be sure to be taking every precaution necessary.

“The situation is evolving hourly and HVIA will strive to bring you the most accurate advice we can, as soon as we can.” Mr Hacking said.

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