The BTS Jobs Hub is an opportunity not to be missed

Almost daily, HVIA encounters anecdotes from our members of the difficulty in recruiting and retaining good employees. Our LinkedIn feed is filled with positions vacant and career opportunities in the industry. 

We know it is an ongoing challenge, which is why we want to leverage the Jobs Hub at the Brisbane Truck Show to help.

The Jobs Hub objective is twofold – help our members recruit for vacant positions; and improve the perception of the industry, to ensure it is on the radar for a young person or job seeker in the future. 

There are two opportunities to be involved and we need your help!

The first involves having a continual presence and physical site at the Jobs Hub.  There are only two sites left.  The benefit of this is to not only collect CVs but the potential to interview applicants on site and to get the best applicants for your available roles. This is the most effective way to cover off multiple positions and will save you time and money.

The second opportunity is for HVIA members that ideally would want to do this but are finding it hard to resource a continual presence at the Jobs Hub. We know Truck Show is a busy time on your stand, which is why HVIA is offering to do the legwork for you and collect CVs on your behalf.

It does not get much easier than this. Simply fill out the spreadsheet in the link below and return to us by 23 April 2021

Due to the wonderful support of the Federal Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment, these will then be listed and sent to local Job Agencies so that can distribute and pre-qualify appropriate job seekers.  They are then willing to help coordinate interviews for you.

The support from the Federal Government has been matched by the State Department of Employment, Small Business and Training who are working hard to ensure the Jobs Hub is a hive of activity with an exciting, public facing activation, including helping to boost our student numbers, which is set to reach 1000 senior students.  These students are the future pipeline of talent for the heavy vehicle industry.

In addition, we have engaged the Griffith University Entrepreneur in Residence, Scott Millar, a 21-year-old entrepreneur to run a series of workshops, panels, even a Hackathon, as well as a dedicated Teacher Professional Development night, so we can target careers advisers and put the heavy vehicle industry on their radar with schools and teachers.  

And of course, this activation will run in tandem with the National Apprentice Challenge and is a major activation of the South Bank Truck Festival, which will be thriving all four days of the Brisbane Truck Show.

Now we need your help, so get in touch with Todd Hacking on to discuss the options and your level of involvement.

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