Review the Australian Dangerous Goods code first since 2007

The National Transport Commission is conducting a full review of the Australian Dangerous Goods (ADG) Code, which will be the first since the current edition was released in 2007.  

The Code is applicable across Australia, and adherence to it by all relevant parties ensures specific risks posed through transport of dangerous goods by land are effectively managed.

Overall, the review will aim to better align Australia with international practices, and improve intermodal operations, covering both road and rail.

Two working group papers have been released so far, focussing on reviewing the classifications of dangerous goods, and the current dangerous goods listing. Feedback on both is open until late March.

These papers are part of a series of topic-specific discussion papers, with further opportunities to comment on other provisions in the code provided by the NTC over the next 12 months. Future topics include:

  • an in-depth review of chapters in the code specific to Australia
  • provide a high-level summary of duties, grouped by activity (such as consignor, loader, prime contractor or driver)
  • develop a central register of legislative variations across states and territories that the public can access
  • improve processes for licences associated with the transport of dangerous goods.

Individuals or entities having a particular interest in one or more of the topic-based working groups are encouraged to register their interest with the NTC.

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