NTC proposes changes to in service regulations

Have your say on the National Transport Commission’s draft amendments for the Australian Light Vehicle Standards Regulation (ALVSR) and the Heavy Vehicle (Vehicle Standards) National Regulation (HV(VS)NR).

In summary, apart from some editorial changes , the prosed changes cover:

For Heavy and Light Vehicles

  • Correct a referencing error in the respective regulations ALVSR and HV(VS)NR
    The error relates to exempting a vehicle from complying to the ALVSR or HVNR. The initial intent was to only permit this if the original vehicle compliance involved a minor and inconsequential non-compliance.  The current ALVSR and HVNR reference a section of the new Road Vehicle Standards Act which cover the issue of compliance approval at the discretion of the Minister in the event of significant non-compliance. The intention of these sections of the ALVSR and the HVNR was only to provide “automatic” exemptions if the ADR non-conformities are minor and inconsequential.

For Heavy Vehicles

  • Clarification of light flashing rate for school buses.   

For Light Vehicles

  • Clarification and strengthening of requirements around the attachment of vehicle accessories to vehicles.

Currently the ALVSR refers to vehicle accessories being designed to minimise protrusion. The amendment seeks to strengthen the need to design the accessory to ensure it does not detach from the vehicle when in use.

A more detailed summary and opportunity for members to comment may be found on the NTC website here.

Consultation closes on 31 March 2022.

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