No slowing down

HVIA Chief Executive Todd Hacking has written to members reflecting on 2022-23 and outlining HVIA’s plans for the year ahead.

Dear Members

On behalf of HVIA’s Board of Directors, thank you for your loyal and ongoing support of Heavy Vehicle Industry Australia.

HVIA fully understands membership fees are a discretionary spend, but we sincerely hope you notice the power and value of being part of a collective industry association.

In spite of a backdrop of ongoing supply chain issues, skills shortages, regulatory challenges, inflation and rising interest rates, Australia’s heavy vehicle industry has powered ahead over the last year.

Wherever we can, we are helping members overcome those challenges.

Linked below is a Membership Value Delivery report which provides a snapshot of our achievements and benefits to our members during the last financial year.

Read here: HVIA’s Year in Review 2022/23

Last month’s Brisbane Truck Show saw our industry at its very best. It was truly inspiring to see so many people taking advantage of the opportunity to connect, to look at new innovation, to discuss the challenges, to strengthen bonds and build new connections.

We are about to launch two new interactive online training courses covering best practice procedures for Load Restraint and Tyre Management to improve workplace safety. The development of the courses over the last eighteen months has been supported by the Australian Government’s Heavy Vehicle Safety Initiative managed by the NHVR.

Following the tremendous support from members and other Brisbane Truck Show exhibitors for our first forays into self-publishing, we will shortly launch a new ongoing publication.

The addition of a couple of exceptional specialist staff has given us that capability. The magazine and digital content will provide an ongoing connection between our members and your customers. That is what the Brisbane Truck Show does so successfully and this new service will bridge the gap between major events.

That brings me to our next big project. Next May we will present a new event for members and your customers. Its intent is to present the solutions to implement the amazing vehicles, equipment, technology and services that you displayed at the Brisbane Truck Show.

For instance, we know that fleet operators want to understand the implications and opportunities to transition to low- and even zero-emissions. It is a great opportunity to put meat on the bones of the conversations you started at this year’s show.

We are equally engaged in what is ahead of us on our technical, regulatory policy and advocacy agenda.

The HVIA team has never been stronger and more ready to work with our members on delivering value and finding solutions for your challenges.

As always, I welcome your direct feedback at any time, and I hope we have the opportunity to connect more often in the year ahead.

Kind Regards

Todd Hacking
HVIA Chief Executive

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In spite of a backdrop of ongoing supply chain issues, skills shortages, regulatory challenges, inflation and rising interest rates, Australia's…

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