NHVR Extends Transitional Arrangements For VSB6

HVIA’s strong lobbying for a three-month delay to implementation of the new version of VSB6 has been successful, meaning industry will not need to comply with the new requirements until mid-2024

The NHVR has extended the current transitional arrangements allowing authorised examiners and signatories to certify tipper bodies under the old VSB6 v3.1 Section J requirements until July 1, 2024.

In early December, HVIA advised that it had formally requested the NHVR extend the implementation of sections of the new version of VSB6 past the deadline of February 1, 2024.

Yesterday, HVIA received notification from the national regulator that it had agreed to the request.

This means that industry will not have to comply with the requirements of VSB6 v3.2 until after that date. The extension allows final changes and revisions to be completed before full adoption is required.

The NHVR advises that businesses that applied for the previous J4 extension do not need to reapply as this further extension will automatically apply.

However, those wishing to apply for the first time should email vehiclestandards@nhvr.gov.au with their request, including their name, business name and estimated number of tipper body certifications over this period.

That information assists the NHVR in understanding the industry better as well as providing the AVE with an NHVR approval to retain with their AVE certification documentation.

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