National Road Safety Week 2022

This week is National Road Safety Week. With the 2022 Federal Election taking place on Saturday, we are asking the next Australian Government to commit to action by improving the uptake of heavy vehicle road safety related technologies.

The National Road Safety Strategy 2021-2030 identifies safer vehicles as one of the key pillars of the strategy.

We have asked the major parties seeking election to:

  • Prioritise updates to Australian Design Rules to include the mandatory fitment of available safety technologies to new vehicles
  • Ensure that Government contract tenders preference services based on use of safer vehicles
  • Encourage all organisations to preference safer vehicles in awarding contracts
  • Phase in requirements for safety technologies to be fitted to new high productivity PBS vehicles.

In our 2022 Federal Election Policy Roadmap, HVIA has identified a range of policy issues that are crucial to the heavy vehicle industry and, by extension, affect every Australian.

The issues all fall under the theme “a strong heavy vehicle industry – vital for a resilient Australia.”

In addition to road safety, they address skills shortages, sustainability, and support for Australian manufacturing and productivity.

See HVIA’s full 2022 election policy roadmap here.

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