Members urged to report defective vehicles

HVIA members have been advised to document interactions and responding actions with customers who present vehicles for routine service work in an unroadworthy condition.

This follows multiple approaches to the HVIA by members seeking advice.

Members have detailed their interactions, including reporting their concerns direct to the customer and following the relevant company policy to document these exchanges and responding actions.

Where issues are not rectified, the NHVR has reiterated the availability of the regulator’s confidential reporting hotline.

The NHVR says the hotline is available for the public or the industry. Report safety issues relating to procedures, practices or conditions in the heavy vehicle transport industry and its supply chain that might endanger the safety of a heavy vehicle driver, their passengers, other road users or the community.

If the vehicle is in one of the participating jurisdictions (other than Queensland) on-road enforcement is managed by the NHVR. The reporting line can be accessed here:

Alternatively, if the vehicle is in Queensland the TMR complaint line should be used:

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