Keeping calm on AdBlue

In the last week or two, concerns over the security of future AdBlue supply started to emerge.  Rather than publicly call for action, HVIA set about trying to manage the issue behind the scenes. 

Our fear was that any publicity would incite panic buying and exacerbate industry fears.

Whilst it is true, most AdBlue distributors are being cautious and rationing supply, the operators who had heard of the issue have been trying to bulk-buy the commodity. 

No Australian needs an analogy to know where that situation ends.

HVIA has been working with the Department of Infrastructure and the NHVR towards ensuring a coordinated approach. 

We called for an industry-wide round table, to ensure that all affected stakeholders could table their concerns, ensure the facts were clear, and solutions and contingencies developed.

Our hope was to calm concerns through a factual communique for the industry.

Today however, various concerns have entered the public domain.  This is unfortunate. 

Often, effective advocacy is not about being the loudest in the room or the first to issue a media statement.

It is far more about bringing all affected parties to the table to strategise and tackle the issues before they become a problem. 

HVIA still believes there is a role for an industry-wide roundtable.  We are confident this can be achieved relatively expeditiously, and by doing so, we are confident solutions can be developed.

By getting key stakeholders together, we can maturely plan our way through any supply challenges before it overwhelms the freight transport industry, whilst also allaying any unnecessary concerns.  

We have had plenty of opportunity to demonstrate to Government and the community that we keep the country moving.  The industry has done an outstanding job over the past two years, and we all hope this continues.

I urge HVIA members not to get suckered into perpetuating rumours.

This is big issue, and a coordinated effort is the only way to deliver the best strategic outcome for the industry and the country, but the first step is to stay calm.

Todd Hacking, HVIA Chief Executive

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