HVIA links with NRSPP as program partner

HVIA has formalised a partnership with the National Road Safety Partnership Program as a Program Partner.

In signing an memorandum of understanding (MOU) with NRSPP HVIA has agreed to champion the benefits of road safety within its membership and externally.

HVIA Communications Manager Steve Power has joined NRSPP’s working group to develop a series of toolbox talks specifically for the heavy vehicle industry.

“We had identified what we thought was a gap in this space until we came across this project that NRSPP is currently preparing to roll-out,” Steve said.

“The work by the NRSPP team with it partners from industry and backed up by superb inputs from Swinburne, Monash and Griffith Universities is first class.

“The issues that are being addressed are spot on, and the efforts to create a suite of communication products that really resonate with drivers and other heavy vehicle industry personnel are impressive.

“I hope that our members will take full advantage of these resources as they roll-out, particularly as a value-add to share with their customers.

“While every one of them is underpinned by detailed research and best practice, these are simple ideas to put into practice.

“I have no doubt that any employer who takes the time to build these into their toolbox meetings or other workplace meetings will see tangible benefits within their own safety culture.

“While you might never be able to quantify the lives that are saved, the knowledge that every worker is getting home safely each day should be motivation enough.”

NRSPP Executive Director Jerome Carslake said the heavy vehicle Toolbox Talks will be gin rolling out in early 2022.

“These are a new suite of resources designed specifically for the heavy vehicle industry, that has gown out of something we were already doing on a broader basis to include all motorists.

“We are delighted to have HVIA join us a program partner, and this project is certainly something where we know that Steve and the team are able to add value.”

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