HVIA draft submission – PBS 2.0 Discussion Paper

HVIA has circulated its draft submission on the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator’s PBS 2.0 Discussion Paper for review by members.

HVIA Chief Technical Officer Adam Ritzinger said it is an important chance for HVIA outline members’ expectations and wishes on the future of PBS directly to the regulator.

“The manager of the PBS review project has already reached out to me directly to arrange a time to discuss our response in person following the conclusion of the feedback period,” Adam said.

“This is a strong indication of the NHVR’s readiness to listen.”

Adam and National Policy Manager Grgeg Forbes are inviting feedback in any form up to Wednesday 15th February. If you have an interest in the draft submission please reach out directly:

  • Adam Ritzinger: a.ritzinger@hvia.asn.au | m: 0437 901 669
  • Greg Forbes: g.forbes@hvia.asn.au | m: 0437 923 755

Information regarding the project and the NHVR’s paper are available on the NHVR website.

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