Hold no fear for Electronic Work Diaries – connected business is good business

Heavy Vehicle Industry Australia has come out in strong support of today’s launch of the first electronic work diaries (EWD) to satisfy strict protocols established by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR).

HVIA Chief Executive Todd Hacking said that the EWD’s provide practical advantages that would be realised by road transport operators of all sizes.

“What we are witnessing is the rapid development of truly connected vehicles,” Mr Hacking said.

“On top of the wonderful safety benefits, the productivity gains and efficiencies are going right into the hip pocket of truck operators whether they are an owner-driver or a large fleet operator.”

The EWD Policy Framework and Standards were developed in association with technology providers, transport operators, police and transport authorities in 2018 and were subject to comprehensive review and consultation.

HVIA member Teletrac Navman have been at the forefront of development of EWD’s and were part of the launch alongside Ministers and fellow technology provider Step Global.

Andrew Rossington, Chief Product Officer at Teletrac Navman, says, “Our EWDs will streamline and simplify the whole process of logging driver hours, both from a safety and operational standpoint.

“EWDs empower drivers to manage their own compliance, give managers peace of mind that their drivers are safe, and make it easy for everyone to stay compliant and keep records of driver work and rest times.”

Assistant Minister for Road Safety and Freight Transport Scott Buchholz said the approval gives the providers the green light to work with their partners to use their products as an approved fatigue management system.

“We know both technology companies have a number of transport and logistics operators ready and eager to adopt the technology and we should see a good uptake across the industry,” Mr Buchholz said.

Mr Hacking said that partnerships involving truck and trailer manufacturers and technology developers mean that these solutions are increasingly built to work in harmony.

“Earlier in the year we joined with the NHVR and many of our members to launch the SETUP program as a blueprint to support manufacturers and operators to incorporate the latest safety technology into new and existing heavy vehicles,” he said.

“Now we are combining vehicles configured with the best safety technology, features that provide a plethora of invaluable live feedback about a vehicle’s performance, fleet management solutions and scheduling systems and now, closing the loop, in-cab fatigue management.

“I strongly encourage all operators to talk to their suppliers about the benefits and the business case for implementing these technologies in the shortest possible timeframe.

“For operators that are keen on getting a better understanding of the opportunities, we will be hosting a Technology and Innovation Hub at the 2021 Brisbane Truck Show, with industry experts on hand to help you realise the advantages for your operations.”


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