Manufacturers told: don’t miss RVSA VTA opt-in deadline

The Department of Infrastructure has revealed that manufacturers have been very slow to take up the Vehicle Type Approval (VTA) opt-in.

Industry representatives at this week’s Road Vehicle Standards Act (RVSA) implementation workshop webinar heard that approximately 12% of existing truck Identity Plate Approvals (IPAs) have been converted to VTAs so far.

Heavy trailer manufacturers have also been slow off the mark opting into the VTA process.

HVIA National Policy and Government Relations Manager Greg Forbes said he is concerned that busy manufacturers do not appreciate the consequences of letting this important administrative task slide.

“These levels are alarmingly low compared to the projected take-up at this stage of the RVSA transition process,” Mr Forbes said.

“It is important that manufacturers understand the transition arrangements, because it would appear that this job keeps getting pushed to the bottom of the in-tray.”

Mr Forbes explained that there is no automatic transition for Identity Plate Approval Holders who wish to continue to supply vehicles to market after the end of the 12-month transition period.

“Manufacturers who do not choose to “opt-in” will have to complete a new Vehicle Type Approval application for every vehicle they want to keep selling after 30 June 2022,” he said.

“If manufacturers don’t take advantage of the cheaper opt-in process, they will need to put in a full VTA application for each vehicle which is likely to be substantially more costly.”

The opt-in option is only available until 31 December 2021, however the Department of Infrastructure has indicated that applications submitted after 1 December 2021 are at risk of not being processed before the deadline.

HVIA members with enquiries are invited to context Greg Forbes.

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