Hammar Celebrates 50 Years Of Innovation

This year marks 50 years since Bengt-Olof Hammar developed the first Hammar sideloader and founded Hammar in Sweden – and the company is marking the occasion with the launch of two new models.

The company, which has grown into a global player at the forefront of the industry, will unveil the Hammar 550, the world’s first sideloader with a 50-tonne safe working load, and the new flagship model Hammar 500.

Hammar Maskin AB was founded in 1974 and the first Hammarlift was built in the same year. Fifty years since manufacture, it still can be operated and lift heavy containers!

”Performing the first lifts with the first sideloader I built is one of my strongest memories during my 50-year journey with the company,” says Bengt-Olof Hammar, CEO and owner.

”We are proud of its history and what it says about Hammar. It demonstrates the principle we stand behind, high quality and satisfied customers.”

Hammar’s singular focus onsideloaders has earned it an estimated 65-70 per cent share of the global market

Over the years, Hammar has had one single focus: sideloaders. This dedicated focus has earned the company an estimated 65-70 per cent share of the global sideloader market.

With five subsidiaries and more than 50 service stations worldwide, Hammar sideloaders have been sold into more than 122 countries, and can today be found on all continents, including Antarctica.

Today, Hammar continues its focus on further growth.

The next significant development is the Hammar 550 model. It comes with a world-first 50 tonne safe working load (CE-marked) and will be the world’s strongest sideloader model. Initially developed for handling large cable drums, the design will be usable for many more applications.

Another major innovation is Hammar’s new flagship model, the Hammar 500, which is based on a range of proven technologies that have been merged and optimised. What is unique about the 500 model is its six-metre crane reach and support legs that provide significantly increased stability.

”Hammar’s 50th anniversary is just the beginning of a new chapter in the company’s history. We very much look forward to continuing to be the driving force in the industry, with a focus on service, innovation, quality and sustainability,” says Bengt-Olof.

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