Guidance and clarity for Victorian Industry

The Victorian Government has produced further guidance information to clarify the exceptions and expectations for businesses that intend to stay open under Stage 4 restrictions.

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator has also issued approved advice, breaking down the requirements for not only drivers but other workers across the heavy vehicle and road freight industries. We hope this might provide greater clarity and certainty for our Victorian members on their current status.

We have been grateful to the NHVR, Commonwealth and Victorian Governments for their pragmatic, consultative and collaborative approach setting developing these guidelines, in what is a complex and rapidly evolving environment.

In this week’s Talk the Torque I highlighted the inspiring and collegiate engagement we have had with HVIA members throughout this ordeal, it has been invaluable and has helped us mount the arguments and advocate on your behalf to ensure our industry’s importance to the freight task is recognised.

On behalf of all members I would like to pass on enormous gratitude for the advice, background work and ongoing support HVIA has received this week.

Todd Hacking
HVIA Chief Executive

BREAKING: Amendments to extended JobKeeper

The Government has announced this morning amendments to the JobKeeper Payment.

The amendments make it easier to continue to receive JobKeeper past the original cut off of September and broaden the eligibility, albeit at slightly reduced rates.

All the details here:

Victoria work permit update

Thanks to the NHVR for the following information.

From 11:59pm 5 August, workers in permitted industries must carry a Worker Permit issued and signed by their employer while within the Melbourne area. This includes the freight and heavy vehicle industries.

The form requires details of essential work activity on a rolling 7-day schedule. All requirements of fatigue regulations still apply. Drivers must not drive while impaired by fatigue and must continue to comply with work and rest requirements.

More information on the scheme and the application form can be found on at VIC Permitted worker scheme.

I work in the freight industry but am not a driver – what should I do?
Ancillary workers, heavy vehicle manufactures, trailer and component manufacturers, pilots, break down and mechanical workers.

  • Complete the Worker Permit with rostered hours to the best of your ability, with the information available at the time.
  • For workers required to “be on call”, e.g.  tow truck drivers, extended hours can be submitted in the rostered work times.
  • If extended hours are inserted into the work schedule, make a note that a person is “on call” for an event that may take place in their normal course of duties.
  • Utilising extended hours will not be accepted if there is no breakdown or other work-related event to attend.

Clarification of Permitted Work Premises

Under Stage 4 ‘Stay at Home’ Restrictions the default is that workplaces in metropolitan Melbourne are closed unless the workplace is a permitted work premise as listed below.

Employers for Permitted Work Premises are only permitted to have employees on-site if it is not reasonably practicable for the employee to work from home and the employer and employee comply with the Directions currently in force, including the Workplace Directions and the Permitted Worker Permit Scheme Directions.

Manufacturing sector guidance

Sector guidance for manufacturing business under Melbourne’s Stage 4 restrictions.


  • Manufacturing of heavy trucks
  • Manufacturing of transport equipment (spare parts manufacturing critical to continuity of service)

Transport, Postal and Warehousing sector guidance

Guidance for Transport, Postal and Warehousing sector business under Melbourne’s Stage 4 restrictions.,-postal-and-warehousing-sector-guidance


  • Warehousing
  • Road transport (passenger and freight)
  • Transport support services
  • Vehicle repairs and critical maintenance including disinfection
  • Towing services

For more information and the Restricted Activity Directions, visit the DHHS website

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