Busting the myths on truck width and road safety

26 July 23

While Australia eagerly awaits a decision by Federal transport ministers on reforms to Australia’s overall truck width limits, there has been some public commentary around the possible negative impacts of those increases, none of which have any merit.


BTS 2023 unpacked – Truck Show Tech Tours

7 June 23

Over the course of the four days of the Brisbane Truck Show, Adam took several groups through some technical highlights of the show’s main hall. Here are some insights from the engine room.


Under pressure – regulated axle load limits

12 April 23

The sheer volume of industry and stakeholder discussions on zero emission trucks is overwhelming, yet one clear theme is emerging – current axle load limitations may completely strangle efforts to decarbonise the industry if not addressed.


Ritzinger talks CoR with ITC at TA23

5 April 23

HVIA’s Chief Technical Officer Adam Ritzinger talked Chain of Responsibility (CoR) technologies at the first ATA Industry Technical Council meeting for 2023.


Technology transforming Performance Based Standards

1 March 23

In this edition of ‘The Tech’s Files’, HVIA’s monthly series that explores topical technical issues impacting the trucking industry, we’re looking at the possibility of technology transforming the future of the NHVR’s Performance Based Standards (PBS).


Transformative truck propulsion technology

27 January 23

A look at next-generation propulsion – the alternative fuels and engine/motor tech that is likely to transform the industry in 2023 and beyond.


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