Ritzinger talks CoR with ITC at TA23

HVIA’s Chief Technical Officer Adam Ritzinger talked Chain of Responsibility (CoR) technologies at the first ATA Industry Technical Council meeting for 2023.

The meeting was part of the Trucking Australia conference program held on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast last week.

Drawing on his recent experience as Manager of Heavy Vehicle Assurance for Australia’s newest road freight transport company, Team Global Express, Adam focussed on the key themes of fatigue and load restraint.

Adam explained that during his time in transport operations, he had identified many opportunities to upskill and educate customers and subcontractors on their CoR obligations, and how to leverage technology to get the best outcomes.

“These themes are incredibly relevant to the ITC members, almost all of whom carry Chain of Responsibility obligations in some way”, Adam said.

Explaining the traps that parties in the supply chain can inadvertently find themselves in, Adam recommended operators and freight owners work together to determine the best methods of meeting load restraint requirements.

“That may include engineered solutions such as cradles, frames, or stillages,” he added.

On fatigue and distraction, Adam highlighted the benefits of monitoring technologies such as in-cabin cameras.

The ITC meeting was held during the ATA’s Trucking Australia 2023 conference on the Sunshine Coast.

The slides are available to download here.

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