Budget 2022: Jobs

A workforce for now and for the future

More Australians are in work today than ever before. There are 1.9 million more people in work – including 1.1 million women – since the Government came to office. The unemployment rate is on a path to a 50-year low supported by our economic plan.

However, the strength and resilience of Australia’s labour market and economy – and the pause in migration – has accentuated workforce shortages.

The Government is investing in measures to expand and upskill the workforce to secure the workers we need now and for the future, helping Australians into more highly skilled and better paying jobs.

Skilled workers now and for the future

The Government is continuing to invest in Australian apprenticeships to ensure businesses have the skilled workforce they need.

A regular pipeline of apprentices builds a highly skilled, more productive workforce allowing businesses to prosper. In this Budget, the Government will invest a further $2.8 billion to support Australian apprenticeships, building on the $13.3 billion spent on apprenticeships and traineeships since 2013.

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