Applying heavy vehicle safety technology to Melbourne Metro project

The Melbourne Metro Rail will use the latest heavy vehicle safety technology on heavy vehicles interacting with vulnerable road users in the Melbourne CBD.

HVIA’s Greg Forbes says it’s a great opportunity for HVIA Members to showcase the very best technologies the industry has to offer.

“The major inner city rail project, managed by the Cross Yarra Partnership, will involve thousands of contractor’s truck movements where heavy vehicles will have to interact with with pedestrians and cyclists,” Mr Forbes said.

“The Cross Yarra Partnership have approached HVIA to assist them in meeting their road safety targets and are seeking participation from HVIA members with information about best-practice technology and safety features which can be applied,” Mr Forbes said.

“HVIA has been asked to provide briefing information on Safety Regulations and Industry Standards, and to identify relevant safety initiatives and local suppliers,” he said.

The project team has expressed a particular interest in:

Side under run protection

Elimination of front, rear and side blind spots through sensors, visual aids, camera’s etc.

Audible warning device alerting cyclists and pedestrians of an impending left turn

Signage to alert vulnerable road users to the dangers of passing or getting to close to Heavy Vehicles.

“The project team is looking at running a workshop over the next month and bringing various stakeholders together to assist in planning their safety strategy during the startup phase of the project,” Mr Forbes added.

“They are looking to provide consistent, viable, safe and cost effective methods for contractors on the project to utilize.

“We are aware of a number of HVIA members who provide relevant products and services but we are keen to provide the opportunity for maximum involvement from our members in the Metro Rail Project.”

If you’re interested in getting involved contact HVIA’s Greg Forbes or 0437923755.

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