Discussion paper on new Fatigue Rules released

The National Transport Commission has released a discussion paper on proposed changes to the fatigue management rules under the heavy vehicle national law.

The Department will be holding a workshop to discuss the paper next Monday which HVIA will attend.

The proposal will see the standard hours approach with the existing law replaced with a general schedule which will:

  • Provide a set of work and rest hours for as many HV drivers as feasible
  • Ensure that driving hours do not increase and rest hours do not decrease based on scientific evidence
  • Provide flexibility to operators e.g. scheduling flexibility and drivers to assist in managing unscheduled events/unforeseen circumstances whilst driving.
  • Maximise practicality;
  • improve understanding of fatigue rules

NTC is seeking input on whether the proposed schedule:

  • Achieves the objectives related to simplicity and flexibility
  • Is practical and feasible
  • Requires further development
  • Faces obstacles to its implementation

And how the proposal will impact on:

  • Driver health and wellbeing
  • Driver safety
  • Driver earnings
  • Fatigue related incidents
  • Ability for operators to recruit and retain heavy vehicle drivers
  • Overall costs of heavy vehicle transport

Members interested in providing comment on the discussion paper should contact Greg Forbes at g.forbes@hvia.asn.au 0437923755

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