Vital Insights Informing Government Decisions

HVIA is plugged in to vital conversations affecting decision making at the highest levels of Federal and State Government regarding the ongoing role for freight services and those that support it.

Information provided by HVIA members is informing decisions by illustrating the role that the heavy vehicle industry plays to support the freight task.

In the last twenty-four hours HVIA has been in conversation with the Prime Minister’s office, the Deputy PM’s office, Asst Minister for Transport, various State Ministers and other key stakeholders.

Our message was clear and as you can see from the Deputy Prime Minister’s video issued last night, it is understood and appreciated. We said:

  • To keep trucks and trailers on road, delivering freight, it is critical to enable their supply network.
  • Transport operators rely on the heavy vehicle industry for maintenance, repair, service, parts and components and technical support.
  • We cannot stop regular maintenance otherwise the fleet will be compromised very quickly.
  • Our dealers, manufacturers and OEMs often are the first call made during a breakdown.
  • This support is crucial to ensuring we keep our drivers and other road users safe.

With our member’s help we have been able to impart insights highlighting activity in our sector including:

  • Appreciation for circulation of prompt, detailed and accurate information and relevant links;
  • Various factories locked down for employee access only;
  • Programs to implement fortnightly roster rotations with a second team another in isolation rotating fortnightly – to try to keep them employed;
  • The current levels of regular and ad hoc maintenance, repair and services and
  • The current levels of parts and component supply.

Additionally, news of orders placed since the Government’s first stimulus measures were announced is providing valuable feedback on the initiatives.

In turn, compiling that evidence will affect the Government’s strategic planning around the continuity and expansion of these schemes over coming months as the Government prepares moves to kickstart the Australian economy.

How you can help

Members are encouraged to contact HVIA Chief Executive Todd Hacking with any and all information regarding activity, issues and other experiences affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. This information is being used to ensure our decision makers understand the important role we play in keeping trucks and trailers on the road delivering essential supplies.

In doing so, we continue to plead for all members to heed the Prime Minister’s call for strict compliance with physical distancing and other essential hygiene measures.

The only way this crisis will be averted is by every individual and every business taking responsible and urgent steps to avoid transmitting the virus.

All businesses should review non-essential tasks and wherever possible strategies to continue from home should be considered, including customer facing areas.

There are, however, many support tasks that will require businesses to keep their doors open, and with your help, HVIA wishes to map out that activity to inform Government decision making.

HVIA will continue to work collaboratively with Government to ensure that the vital freight task is able to continue unhindered, in harmony with the necessary impediments and restrictions.

I have found it inspiring to speak to each of you; None of us have lived through more difficult times, however I am overwhelmed by your resilience and determination to get through this and to make a difference in the process.

Please contact Todd Hacking directly:
M: 0438 066 441 | E:

Follow the link below for full details on tougher new restrictions announced by the Prime Minister last night.

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