Time to unveil the future of fuels

The Australian Government has committed to support low emission technologies across the innovation chain, and the 2021 Brisbane Truck Show is the place to see where that is taking us.

HVIA Chief Executive Todd Hacking said that HVIA will be showcasing the industry’s ambitions at the 2021 Brisbane Truck with a devoted Future Fuels and Sustainability Hub.

“We are delighted to welcome Ethical Developments on board to facilitate this exciting new activation,” Mr Hacking said.

“Ethical Developments are moving forward with plans to commence manufacturing Hydrogen electrolysers under licence here in Australia.”

“That, in turn, is the key to creating a refuelling network that makes Hydrogen commercially viable.”

“Ethical Developments will engage with BTS21 attendees to talk through the business case for a transition away from fossil fuels.”

“This is about implementing sustainable energy solutions into your operations in the most rapid viable timeline,” he said.

Ethical Developments Managing Director Steffenie Langby said that the 2021 Brisbane Truck Show provides a unique forum to talk with fleet operators about the practical side of adopting a clean energy fleet.

“We are looking forward to meeting with transport operators of all sizes, to discuss the benefits of green hydrogen as the energy that will power our next generation fleet,” Ms Langby said.

“I think it will surprise most truck operators just how quickly this is happening.

“The timeline is such that a vehicle you have bought in the last year, could easily be replaced by a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle as you rotate your fleet.”

The last Brisbane Truck Show, the southern hemisphere’s largest automotive business event, saw a turning point for the heavy vehicle industry, with the arrival of commercial-ready electric vehicles; equally as importantly – an array of technology to convert existing vehicles through electric drivetrains was also on display.

“We already have hybrid and fully electric trucks starting to appear in more and more fleets, very capably fulfilling tasks for local and last-mile work,” Mr Hacking said.

“However, there is no sitting still and our members and their international parents around the world, are making great leaps forward every day to deliver solutions for highway work.

“We now have manufacturers unveiling hydrogen fuel cell powered long haul solutions, which will go into fast development and trialling for different markets.

“Our industry has always been at the forefront of innovation, with a great history of achievements in safety, productivity and our environmental footprint,” Mr Hacking added.

“In the last twenty years alone more than 90% of the toxic emissions of diesel exhausts have been removed, whilst engine power and economy have improved significantly.

Mr Hacking said that the heavy vehicle industry has shown its own determination to accelerate the transition away from fossil fuels.

“The heavy vehicle industry is determined to be at the forefront of this conversation in Australia, as next generation energy solutions take the momentous steps from concept to commercial reality,” Mr Hacking said.

“But the key to that becoming a commercial reality and success in Australia, is the infrastructure and supply of green hydrogen across our enormous highway network.”

Visit the Future Fuels and Sustainability Hub on the Mezzanine level at the 2021 Brisbane Truck Show – supported by the Queensland Government.

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