The future is unfolding – right under your feet


While all the world is looking to develop solutions for a sustainable future, the heavy vehicle industry is moving ahead in leaps and bounds.

Todd Hacking, Chief Executive of the Brisbane Truck Show’s custodians – Heavy Vehicle Industry Australia (HVIA), says that one of the industry’s most exciting developments flew a little under the radar at this year’s event.

“As expected, the opening day of the 2019 Brisbane Truck Show featured countless unveilings of new trucks, trailers, equipment and technology,” Mr Hacking said.

“The event was a wall-to-wall showcase of innovation designed to improve safety, productivity and sustainability.”

“There were so many stories being told in parallel at the Brisbane Truck Show,” he said. “And today we’re releasing a short video that highlights one of those stories.

“Not only were there a range of fully electric and hybrid trucks on display, one of the most exciting developments came from key component suppliers who have released products designed to facilitate the transition to electric vehicles.

“This is particularly important because heavy vehicles are typically customised far more than their light vehicle counterparts.

“In the new video, titled “The future is unfolding right under your feet”, we talked to a few of the innovators who are leading the way.”

It is one thing to see all this futuristic technology on display; it is altogether another to start planning for integrating the equipment into your own fleet.

How can you be confident that it will deliver on its promise, and will be backed with the level of support, parts and servicing infrastructure, necessary to keep your fleet on the road?

HVIA is coming to the party with an event that gives trucking operators the knowledge and support to take their heavy vehicle fleet into the next decade and beyond.

“We are excited to host these vehicles, components and technology at the Brisbane Truck Show; very shortly we will be revealing all the details about ComVec 2020,” Mr Hacking said.

“The halls of the Brisbane Truck Show were full of qualified buyers, very shrewd operators who came to the event to ensure they are making informed purchasing decisions, thereby setting themselves up to build growth and profitability in their businesses.

“ComVec 2020 is the follow-up event to put all the meat on the bones,” he added.

“It’s an addition to the event calendar that will provide attendees with everything they need to know to put that equipment into their fleet.”

In the meantime, to whet your appetite, enjoy this taste of technology that is no longer on the horizon – it’s right at your feet.

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