Thank you to outgoing Government

HVIA has commended the outgoing Government on its open door to the heavy vehicle industry, and its guidance of the country through the worst of the COVID pandemic.

Chief Executive Todd Hacking said the Government had been particularly collaborative as the country grappled with the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The last few years have been extremely tough for the community, industry and our governments.  They have had to make decisions of great magnitude against a backdrop of constantly evolving circumstances, with no real playbook to guide them,” Mr Hacking said.

“Nobody is suggesting that things were handled perfectly, but the Government recognised that unless it responded quickly, and in consultation with industry, things were destined to get out of control very quickly.

“HVIA was invited to the table to highlight where the pain-points were, and where it looked like other concerns were likely to emerge.  More importantly, we were part of some of the ideas to ensure industry could continue as best it could.

“Instead of falling into the trap of a recession, with high unemployment and failing businesses, the stimulus initiatives that were quickly designed and customised to suit our industries, gave much needed confidence that reversed the momentum, and has seen full order books ever since.

“I particularly want to thank Scott Buchholz and congratulate him on his re-election in the seat of Wright for a fifth term.

“Scott has been an amazing supporter and ambassador for our industry over many years, having been involved in the heavy vehicle industry prior to being elected.

“He has gone out of his way to connect with every segment and sector of our industry; he has lent an ear and encouragement to industry personnel, from the newest apprentices all the way through to our most experienced industry leaders.”

Mr Hacking said the Liberal and National parties still have an important role to play for the heavy vehicle industry.

“Transitioning to Opposition is never easy, especially after nine years, however it is vital for our democracy, that we have a strong opposition, holding the government of the day accountable.

“To that end, I hope we will continue to see strong leadership, and an open door to industry.”

Pictured above: HVIA Chief Executive Todd Hacking, PACCAR Australia Managing Director Andrew Hadjikakou, and the Hon Scott Buchholz MP

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