Ten days in Hanover

IAA Transportation 2022 was the long-awaited return of what is more commonly referred to as the “Hanover Truck Show.”

After four years of tumbleweeds the spectacular event was back – not bigger, but certainly with an exciting new story to tell.

Virtually every one of the 1400 exhibitors found a way of showcasing their role in a world of sustainable transport solutions. The theme was overwhelming in its application.

TCO for ZEV vs ICE

The quest for an answer to the question of total cost of ownership (TCO) for zero emissions vehicles (ZEV) compared to current internal combustion diesel engines (ICE) was not as succinctly answered as many might have hoped, but almost every major OEM played their hand.

The fact that Volvo’s display was all electric certainly laid down a commitment and positioning statement with no grey areas.

Likewise, Mercedes made a very big deal about its electric offerings. Their test track commencing within their stand and then heading outside the building was a particularly impressive initiative.

The IVECO stand was a showstopper and gave a first look at the Nicola offering. DAF, MAN and Scania all had electric drivetrains in their line-ups.

There were plenty of smaller players spread throughout the show too, but not the diversity we are offered in Australia with our American, Japanese and Korean vehicles that give us such a wealth of choice for our comparatively small poulation (but large freight task).

I rate BPW’s stand amongst the best for articulating their understanding of the question, and cleverly inviting operators to partner with them towards uncovering the answer in partnership.

As you would expect there was a host of fascinating widgets and gadgets on display, many of which we know will be on display at next year’s show in Brisbane.

There were also trailers that could do anything you could dream of, but as one Aussie pundit put it: “maybe sometimes they overthink it over there.”

Heading down under

As for our reason for being there, HVIA sent two of the team across to promote attendance at the 2023 Brisbane Truck Show, with tours organised in partnership with the Queensland Government, Brisbane Economic Development Agency and facilitated by our long-term accommodation partner OzAccom+.

We were stoked with the enthusiasm of delegates towards making the journey to Australia. It is no small feat to travel down under and between the uncertainty of the economic outlook and steep costs of international travel right now, we are lucky that Australia has so much on offer for those who make the effort.

We were equally delighted to share our pavilion with an Aussie specc’ed MAN, which drew enormous attention for its chrome bullbar and tandem drive setup – both unusual on European roads.

Likewise our impressive roadtrain images supplied by PACCAR were the cause of great fascination and made for the backdrop for countless “selfies” now circulating across Europe and beyond.

Thanks also to the numerous Aussies who made the effort to come and say g’day, and particularly to Mario and the SAF Holland team along with the Byrne Trailers boys who took us under their wings – or something like that.

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