Report shows trade studies set students up for a fruitful career

Many vocational diplomas will lead to higher lifetime incomes than low-ATAR university graduates are likely to earn, especially those with degrees in popular fields such as science and humanities.

The Grattan Institute’s new report Risks and rewards: when is vocational education a good alternative to higher education concludes that schools need to give students better career advice, alerting them to these possibilities – and governments should end funding biases against vocational education.

HVIA recently launched a series of videos highlighting the diverse career paths available in the heavy vehicle industry, alongside the new Jobs Hub at the 2019 Brisbane Truck Show.

“There are an abundance of amazing and rewarding opportunities for school leavers in our industry,” Mr Hacking said.

“We’d like to see the findings of this report on the kitchen table, in the home of every school leaver.

“The vast majority of schools are currently a bit blinkered to the opportunities available through trades and other vocational study.

“What they fail to appreciate is the sophistication of our industry and how the career opportunities cover just about every skill-set imaginable.”

The Grattan Institute’s report shows that higher education has expanded rapidly in Australia over the past 20 years, but vocational education has flat-lined.

This has led to concerns that students, especially lower-ATAR students, are being encouraged to enrol in higher education and to overlook potentially better-paid vocational education alternatives in fields with good job prospects.

Mr Hacking says the 2019 Brisbane Truck Show’s online jobs portal is set to play a permanent role in HVIA’s workforce development strategy.

“Very shortly we’ll be switching on a new HVIA website and the Jobs Hub will be moved across into a permanent home.

“We were delighted with the response from industry during the week of the Brisbane Truck Show, with over 150 jobs advertised on the portal.

“We’ve had equally enthusiastic response from the education and employment sector, who are keen to use our online facility as a conduit between their job-seekers and our members.”

Heavy vehicle career ambassadors featured in the video series “Is the heavy vehicle industry for you?” included a mix of young male and female tradies, alongside seasoned veterans who have graduated to senior executive roles in major international companies.

The key to success in the heavy vehicle industry?

Mike Fowler has followed a path from the factory floor to leading Cummins’ entire South Pacific on-highway operations.

“I think for young people, when they’re starting their career in the heavy vehicle industry, or in any industry, there’s no substitute for a can-do attitude,” Mike said.

Stacey Davies from Daimler Truck and Bus says no two days are the same.

“This has been the best job in my 10-year career and I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else,” Stacey says.

Kristina Lambkin, a Project Manager from Cummins South Pacific recommends dipping your toe in with a range of work experience:

“Getting out and having a try is really a great way of working out what might be a great spot for you,” Kristina says. “Because there’s so many options.”

As Richard Singer from Scania says: “My message for young people looking at career opportunities within the transport industry is: Absolutely go for it!”

Watch the video below: Is the heavy vehicle industry for you – Meet our industry ambassadors

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