Reaping the rewards of BTS23 Preview Magazine investment

Brisbane Truck Show exhibitors who invested in advertising and editorial for the new BTS23 Special Souvenir Preview magazine are getting much more bang for their buck than perhaps many had realised.

Every article is also published on the Brisbane Truck Show website and rolled out across the event’s social media channels and regular email newsletters.

Whilst there is no doubt that articles and posts about some of the big names draw more clicks than others, the most successful post at this stage is not necessarily a household name – yet.

Robuk Engineering‘s b-triple tipper set, pulled by a trusty Kenworth, has been liked and shared so much on the Brisbane Truck Show Facebook page, that it’s now been viewed by over 110,000 people.

You can now bet that attendees to the show will go out of their way to get down to the three-year-old company’s stand.

With sales for participation in the Official Show Program still open, it is an excellent opportunity to reap those same benefits.

Once again, every editorial piece and accompanying images will be posted across our channels, in addition to being splashed across the glossy pages of 20,000 copies of this year’s program.

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