Partner Promotion: Caltex Delo A Game-Changer

Rising expectations on cost and environmental performance are transforming engine technology and lubricant requirements, as stricter emissions standards present new maintenance challenges for the heavy vehicle industry.

Scientific testing shows engine lubricants are the primary source of ash build-up in the diesel particular filter (DPF), accounting for approximately 90 per cent of ash sources. Ash clogging in the DPF leads to reduced engine efficiency, increased fuel consumption, reduced fuel economy and higher maintenance costs and downtime over the life of the engine.

HVIA Principal Partner Caltex is responding to the challenge with its Delo 600 ADF with OMNIMAX engine oil, a premium, high performance “ultra-low ash” synthetic technology oil that is formulated to improve fuel economy and reduce emissions.

David Sawyer, Manager B2B Fuels and Lubricants for Caltex, says Delo 600 ADF with OMINAX is a “game-changer”.

“Delo features an ultra-low 0.4 per cent sulphated ash content that minimises DPF clogging and cuts down metallic residue by up to 60 per cent,” he says.

“It also includes a powerful antioxidant system that prevents oil breakdown at high temperatures, enhancing oil longevity and reducing maintenance costs.”

Maintaining optimal fuel efficiency delivers significant cost savings throughout the life of the engine, and importantly in today’s climate – helps operators to meet the community’s expectations in terms of operating in a more efficient and sustainable manner.

The Australian Government Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water estimates that the transport sector made up 19 per cent of Australia’s emissions in 2022. Without intervention, its estimated transport will be Australia’s largest source of emissions by 2030.

“We know that the heavy transport industry is looking for opportunities to reduce fuel consumption and make their fleet cleaner, more efficient and cost-effective to run,” Sawyer says.

“The low metallic ash formulation of Delo 600 ADF actually boosts fuel efficiency by up to three per cent thanks to reduced engine backpressure from minimal ash accumulation and more efficient regeneration.”

Testing indicates the Delo 600 ADF “ultra-low ash” diesel engine oil increases DPF maintenance intervals by up to 2.5 times through a reduction in DPF clogging, helping to minimise service costs and equipment downtime.

Delo 600 ADF significantly outperformed in engine durability tests, with a 94 per cent better deposit rating on the Industry Standard Piston Deposit Test compared with ACEA E9 lubricants, and no cam wear in the Industry Standard Cam Wear Test.

Delo 600 ADF is backed by Chevron, one of the largest and most innovative integrated energy companies in the world. Chevron owns the Caltex brand globally and is proud of its presence in Australia for more than 70 years.

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