NHVR’s pledge to fix PBS

HVIA’s urgent call to action for the NHVR to fix PBS approval timelines has seen a swift response.

CEO Todd Hacking said that within 48 hours, certifiers and assessors had an urgent briefing with the NHVR leadership and PBS assessment team. 

“Following this constructive meeting, a communique was issued by the NHVR,” Mr Hacking said.

“A second follow-up meeting was proposed for other key stakeholders – for example: trailer manufacturers, who are often the meat in the sandwich.”

Mr Hacking said HVIA expressed the industry’s disappointment that this crisis had eventuated in the first place, but did express gratitude that urgent remedial actions were taking place.  

“These remedial actions will take a couple of months to make any real dent in the backlog, but it required immediate and urgent prioritisation, and we implore patience as the NHVR tries to fix the problem,” he said.

Mr Hacking added that HVIA is also committed to working proactively in the next few months to find possible solutions for the industry.  

“It became apparent during the meeting that some of the more common vehicles requiring PBS approval should not continue to be in the scheme, as there is now demonstrable proof they are a safe and productive combination,” Mr Hacking said.

“HVIA encourages the NHVR to examine these and remove them forthwith,”

“It is also fair to say that the system requires a root and branch review, as the process is still extremely manual and complex, with double handling of information and data, and processes that could be removed, streamlined, simplified or automated.”

Mr Hacking said HVIA was also pleased to learn that the generic tyre proposal will go to the next Infrastructure and Transport Ministers Meeting in May. 

“If supported by Ministers, this project will also improve the timeliness of PBS approvals.”

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