Minister: Industry groups must collaborate

Over 30 Executives made it to the HVIA Executives Club last week to hear from Hon Scott Buchholz MP, Assistant Minister for Roads and Transport.

The Minister was introduced by new HVIA President John Drake, who outlined how refreshing it was to have a Minister that started off with one truck and a freight route between Rockhampton and Emerald and turned that into a business employing over a 100 staff and 14 depots to now be a Minister, with transport responsibilities.

The Minister’s central message was the importance of speaking with one voice, which is why Industry Associations need to do more to consolidate and come together more often.

He outlined how willing he was to assist industry by removing unnecessary regulatory burdens, such as the ludicrous process of re-testing and re-issuing SARNs and CRNs as proposed by the Federal Department, so that business can spend more time being profitable by undertaking core business.

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