Mandatory Vaccinations – what employers need to know

HVIA’s 2021 Annual General Meeting featured an enlightening and thought provoking presentation by Robert King titled “Mandatory Vaccinations – what employers need to know.”

Robert is a Partner with Cornwalls Law, specialising in employment, workplace relations and safety.

The presentation explored the implications of mandatory workplace vaccinations including an interesting commentary on the changing landscape, before looking at the existing legal framework.

Robert pointed out some risks that need consideration before preparing and implementing a policy.

“Employers must undertake a risk assessment and examine the factors behind why a mandatory vaccination policy might be implemented,” he said.

“For instance, is it customer fear-based, reputational?

“Is it based on public health directions? Or is it for operational reasons – the business can’t afford to risk having multiple employees of sick.

“As far as the Fair Work Ombudsman goes a mandatory policy is more likely to be acceptable if employees are required to interact with people who themselves have an increased risk of being infected with coronavirus.

“On the other hand, it is less likely to be acceptable for employees who have minimal face-to-face interaction as part of their normal employment duties.”

HVIA members are invited to speak to Robert directly about their own organisation’s circumstances:

Contact details
Robert King – Partner
T 07 3223 5956

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