Long slow path to PBS reform finally taking shape

Excerpt from HVIA’s new monthly column in Big Rigs

It has been a long time coming, but the necessary pieces of the puzzle for the future of PBS are finally coming together.

The Performance Based Standards (PBS) scheme has been the best safety, productivity, and environmental innovation in the road transport sector since the introduction of B-doubles in the early 1980’s.

As successful as PBS has been, however, HVIA has long argued for improvements to the system PBS system.

HVIA initially argued for fitting of advanced braking systems to PBS vehicle in 2016; we called for improvements to the certification process and access decision making processes, network access improvements and ADR exemptions in 2017, and first raised the issue of PBS tyres in 2018.

HVIA’s members, and in particular the consulting engineers and trailer manufacturers, have been a big part of bringing these benefits to the community.

The NHVR has introduced streamlined processes for some common combination types and the proportion of the network covered by PBS notices has increased in recent years but there is more work to be done.

Ministerial endorsement towards improving certainty of access for PBS vehicles, and a move to take common and proven PBS combinations out of the PBS approval process are important steps forward.

Meanwhile, HVIA members have also continued the process of innovation, with new PBS combinations becoming available on a regular basis delivering vehicles and combinations that set new benchmarks for safety and productivity.

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